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Although this is my first post I have been searching for vulnerabilities since 1998. Back then it was mostly unsafe php includes and evals,  and there were a lot them. I can remember them all, but funnily enough some still show up in google searches. But I doubt anyone will be interrested in those anymore so I’ll try to write more about my recent work. Most of my research I sell to either ZDI or iDefense so I wont be able to disclose much of them untill they are published. But since Im not a strong believer in fulldisclosure anyway I have no problem with that :) For some of my work I will post POC and detailed analyses when I have the time, others I wont even mention.

Recently I found quite a few holes in IE8, but since all most of them are still being undisclosed I wont post anything about those yet. I will start soon with some posts about older stuff just to get the hang of it for myself.

For those who are interrested: here is a quick list of my findings.

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anonymousAugust 12th, 2009 at 4:22

nice, looking forward to see your coming blogs

best wishes,

jakeJuly 21st, 2010 at 8:31

Hi peter, i was wondering if you could post a tutorial on an internet explorer use after free vulnerability one that has already been made public on how they or you found the bug in ida pro showing the vulnerable function call in a few nice screenshots and once the vuln was found how you or they worked out that using that specific javascript function in a html page would trigger that function call ive been looking around for explained tuts like this but havent found any. one that struck my interest was the iepeers use after free but anyone would do. thanks again for the posts.

amitMarch 7th, 2011 at 20:30

hii ..

Sir ..i m student of computer Science . I m self learner and still learning . I will be thankful if you upload a tutorial of some of your research(bug and its exploitation in ie , which has been disclose already ..) . It can be helpful for us .

thank in advance

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